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Todd Shuster




Name: Todd Shuster

Current Position: General Sales Manager/Director of On-Line

Work Experience/Education: University of South Carolina. 15 years of service at Clear Channel Communications.

Favorite "Radio" Moment: 2008 at Kenny Gate III, watching 15,000 rabid WCOS-FM fans overwhelm Kenny as he tried to navigate his "gator" through the crowd. That afternoon, I was privileged to witness the power and magic of radio!

Favorite Aspects of Job: Working with a dedicated team of broadcasters to help provide creative solutions for the local business community and loyal listeners.

Hobbies: Music, Columbia "Olde Grey" Rugby, my kids, crossfit and watching the Gamecocks win!


Todd Shuster
General Sales Manager/Director of On-Line


About me:
Contrary to popular opinion I did not come "down south" as part of witness protection program or escaping from law enforcement.  While my home town is Philadelphia, Pa and I'll always be fan of cheese steaks, soft pretzels, and booing, my current home is Columbia, SC.  I attended the University of South Carolina and have officially traded in my "Yankee" status for "Darn Yankee" status as I've decided to stay.  I've chosen to raise my two daughters here and have traded in "yous" and hoagies for "y'all" and barbeque.   I have been with Clear Channel Columbia for over 15 years and dedicated my career to building successful relationships in the community.  Broadcasting management provides an exciting opportunity that allows our team to provide creative solutions to many different businesses throughout the Midlands.   I'm lucky, I love my job and I'm dedicated to your success.   While I may still be known to do a "Jersey Shore" style fist pump in a local Columbia night club, most Saturday's you'll find me on the rugby pitch or coaching my girls' soccer team.  See you around the neighborhood.